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Create Healing Mist invokes inspiration from the depths of the soul. Carnelian lights the fire of the Sacral Chakra, the place where passions are born. Palo Santo stirs up the imagination. Rosemary prompts innovative thinking. Frankincense invites stagnant energy to flow freely. Grapefruit invigorates and revives tired senses. Bergamot illuminates fresh, new perspectives. Use this mist to get into alignment with your highest potential and to bring your greatest ideas to life.

Full Moon Water, Carnelian crystals, grapeseed oil, essential oil of Palo Santo, Rosemary, Frankincense, Grapefruit & Bergamot

Healing Mist by Conjure Wellness is a collection of aromatherapeutic gem essences that help facilitate the process of manifestation. Each mist is handmade with a unique blend of essential oils, crystals and spring water that has been charged under the light of the Full Moon. They are most effective when used as tools to enhance spiritual practices such as meditation, ritual work and energy healing. Simply shake and spritz the mist to merge its healing vibrations with your energetic field.

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