Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Pleasure Wand

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There is no right way to orgasm. There is only your way to orgasm. Discover the scenic route to your orgasm and awaken your yoni with crystal love.

The Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Wand is curved in all the right places! Its slight curve allows for G-Spot exploration, pleasure massage and muscle release.

Yoni massage, is a whole body experience that includes touching, releasing, arousing and massaging the whole body, focusing on buttocks, breasts, hips, outside/inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of the body. A yoni massage can be done with hands and with a yoni massage tool. Celebrate yourself. Your pleasure is your own. 

Length: 7" approx.
Width: 0.78" - 1.18" approx.

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