She Shines - Organic Hair Oil

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she shines ~~ argan + hemp nourishing hair oil

the most luxurious, pure, & nourishing hair oil ~ my hair has never been better.

great for thin hair, thick hair, straight hair, & curls

use every time you shower, apply to wet hair at tips and work upward

also use as:
a detangler
overnight treatment for unruly hair or dry scalp
on dry un-showered hair to liven it up & de-frizz


~ the anti-enviromental damage miracle worker, combat chemicals, split ends, & dryness. argan oil coats the hair's shaft, sealing in the moisture & goodness, and preventing breakage. rich in antioxidants, & vitamin E, argan restores hair to it's prime & increases shine, luster, & overall health.

~ hemp oil is nearly identical to the oil we naturally produce. jam packed with essential fatty acids that provide you with divine nourishment. it prevents dandruff & itchy scalp, by locking in moisture.

~ strengthens & promotes new hair growth, a grounding oil, it improves your hair inside & out.

~ calming inside & out, relaxes the hair while relaxing the mind too, what could be better? eases dandruff, reduces hair loss, and restores shine + softness

~ strengthens hair, prevents split ends, breakage, & heat damage, all while being one of the best scents on the planet ;)

~ packed with antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals – that are responsible for greying as well as hair thinning

handmade in love

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