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  • Lemon Verbena Tea

    Lucious and irresistible, lemony and sweet floral: lemon verbena is full of robust flavor and soothi…

  • Meadow Tea

    Our version of the traditional PA tea, the bold aromatics in this blend soothe digestion, enliven th…

  • Dreamers Elixir

    Sweet and sedative valerian roots combine with heady passionflower to calm the mind and help you sle…

  • Poppy Tonic

    The Poppy Tonic is a daily herbal shot for a good night's rest! California poppy flowering tops supp…

  • Deep Earth Elixir

    Our adaptogen blend, featuring herbs that help the body adapt become more resilient to stress. These…

  • Tulsi Bitters

    One of the bitterest plants in the world, artichoke leaf has traditionally been used to promote dige…

  • Elderflower Elixir

    Elderflowers have traditionally been used for their immune-stimulating and antiviral properties. The…

12 of 15 Items