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Lotka Paper Journal

Handmade lotka paper journal. 5x7 inches. The text in cover translates to "this too shall pass". 44 …

Brass Hoops

The perfect hoop size. Not to small..not to big. 2inch diameter. Post closure. 

Archangel Michael

A light citrusy blend of herbs and flowers. This sense will enhance your space with positive energy.…

Mandala Incense

A traditional blend of herbs, honey and flowers. This scent leans a bit more to the nagchampa aroma …

Kastoori Incense

A stronger scent of herbs and flowers. A little on the sweet side. A shop favorite for sure. All nat…

Nagchampa Incense

A classic incense scent, nagchampa, is an old school...back in the day aroma. A natural blend of hon…

Aura Cleansing

This warm and uplifting scent adds a unique dimension to your space. It's the perfect blend of earth…

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Foot Scrubber

The best food scubber ever! Made of durable terra-cotta, it will last for years, unlike the disposab…

The Quickie Kit

This kit includes mini sizes of our three Intimacy best-sellers designed for those that want to expl…

Yoni Duster

Ladies, if you got issues with yeasty or any other unwanted bacterial parties cropping up on your ho…

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Deodorant Cream

Deodorant Cream by Fat and the Moon is for the full spectrum of stinky. The coconut oil and aluminum…

7 Chakras Incense

Light this incense up to calm your 7 Chakras and relax. A calming combination of woods and soft flor…

Abalone Shell

Abalone shells are said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and LOVE. Each one is unique with c…

Copal Incense

All natural masala hand rolled incense sticks. Copal brings clarity to any space.  Bright citru…

Ambar Incense

Mild, yet rich with woodsy notes. Very soothing. An understated gem in our incense collection. 100% …

Pinon Incense

Winters in the Southwest, lingering bonfires, wool jackets in rotation. Piñon logs, cedar, and vanil…