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  • Blossom Bath + Body Oil

    Moon River Naturals


    Blossom Bath + Body Oil is a versatile as it can be used as both a bath or body/massage oil. Its hyd…

  • Chakra Body Oil

    Species by the Thousands


    Believed to be centers of energy throughout the body, seven chakras run up your spine, helping to ba…

  • Good Vibes

    Moon River Naturals


    Good Vibes oil is the answer to your "I'm in a funk" worries. A blend of organic flowers, herbs, pur…

  • Ground: An Anointing Oil

    Wai Ke Botanicals


    Ground Anointing oil is a personal smudge in the form of a roll-on essential oil for when you need h…

  • High Vibes

    Moon River Naturals


    High Vibes include high notes (pun intended) of lavender and eucalyptus with muted sweetness from ge…

  • Juniper Artemisia

    URB Apothecary


    Nourish and repair your dry, cracked, red skin with this herbal infused body oil that was inspired b…

  • Pimento Oil

    Pimento Oil is the original herbal remedy from Jamaica for fast acting pain relief. This product of …

12 of 13 Items