Yoni Herbal Steam

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An organic blend of feminine herbs created specifically for the yoni. Vaginal steaming is an ancient tradition where a women uses an herbal blend to create an aromatic steam that permeates the outer area of her vagina. The herbs nourish a women's most sacred space and body in numerous ways by strengthening the womb & uterus, cleansing, detoxifying and helps maintain feminine health. Each batch has been energetically crystal charged.

Ingredients: Organic rose petals, hibiscus flowers, basil flowers, chamomile, calendula, lemongrass and yarrow.

Directions: For external use only. Steam 1/2 cup of herbs to 8 cups of water. 

Tips for steaming: If you don't have a steaming stool a clean toilet is the next best thing. Use a pot that will fit in the toilet bowl. We wrap our lap and legs in a blanket to keep the steam in. We recommend steaming for at least 15 minutes. Can be used monthly to help alleviate PMS symptoms.